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Entering my early adulthood, I thought I knew what I wanted to pursue in life. I went to school for Nursing and Interior Design, but these two career paths never held my interest long term. I took some time off to step away from college so I could figure out what my true passion was. I began running regularly as a form of meditation and stress relief. Very soon after, I decided I wanted to build muscle, so I began weight lifting. I quickly noticed how much of an impact this training had on me, not only physically but also mentally. Working out left me feeling healthy, strong, empowered and most of all happy. These results I was feeling and seeing through fitness, shined through me and it began to change my life inside and out. I realized that THIS was my passion and was exactly what I wanted to pursue in life.


In that moment, LaMorte Lift was born and I launched my own fitness company in 2014. Training others felt great, rewarding and so natural to me. I loved it so much and more importantly. I am now a nationally certified trainer and have had the opportunity to work for several fitness studios in the bay area. Outside of instructing outdoor boot camps and training clients one on one, I am excited to see where my career in fitness will take me in the future. I am a reflection and I truly believe everyone can change their quality of life with clean eating habits and with a consistent training routine.




7:00 AM - 7:00 PM


8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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